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Pastor Koshy Thomas
Koshy is the pastor of Air Jernih Presbyterian Church in Kuala Terengganu.


With over twenty-one years in full-time Christian ministry, he has served with Operation Mobilisation on-board the m.v. Doulos and in the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia. He has been the pastor of Air Jernih Presbyterian Church in Kuala Terengganu since July 1999. In partnership with Rev. Dr. Peter Chin May Take and several churches, he was involved in planting Gospel Esplosion Presbyterian Church in 2006.

He is a graduate of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and the Discipleship Training Centre in Singapore and is married to Dorcas Lai Foong Yoke. They have a son, Jeremiah.



Brother Anba as he is known among his friends, is a member of Agape Presbyterian Church Kluang, Johor. He has been in full time Christian service for twenty five years. During this time he has served in various capacities in Malaysia and overseas.

He served in India with Operation Mobilisation as a team leader and trainer. He received his theological training at the Missionary Training College, Tasmania, Australia and went on to serve in his home church in Kluang. During his time there he was one of the founding members of Agape Shelter - a ministry to children in crisis situations.

He also served in Cambodia as a pioneer for WEC International and was instrumental in starting up several mercy ministries: a home for children, a vocational training centre, a day care centre, a mobile drop in centre, and an education centre.

Although he is no longer in Cambodia, Anba is still very much involved in that nation by liaising with Malaysians who are sponsoring the tertiary level education of children who grew up in the homes he established.


our council of reference

Rev. Peter Young

I came to Malaysia in 1954 and served with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship in the Perak New Villagers until 1957.


From 1958 -1968 I was a teacher at the St Gabriel's School , Kampong Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. I was also Honorary Pastor at St Gabriel's Church from 1959 to 1980. 1964 was a great year as I was married to Betty Meadows and in 1965 our only child , Joanna was born


In 1969 I was Vicar of St Paul's Church, Petaling Jaya until 1970 when I served as General Secretary of Scripture Union until 1979


1979 was an important year because Betty and I visited Joanna who schooling in India. There we saw dire poverty. This resulted in our meeting with a small group of Christians in Petaling Jaya and the formation of Malaysian Care in 1979. I served as the Executive Director until 1989. Malaysian care is Christian Social service organization serving children, persons with disabilities, prisoners, drug dependants and other marginalized people. From Malaysian care an overseas missionary society now known as Interserve was formed and there are currently over 30 persons serving in poorer countries overseas


In 1991 three of us founded Dignity and Services, an advocacy movement for persons with learning disabilities. I am still one of the directors


Betty, my wife, has been with me in all these ministries and on June 1st  2002 we celebrated our 80th birthday. We are now retired and we look forward for occasional visits from Joanna, Mark Ferris her husband and our two grandchildren Paul(1998) and Matthew(2001) who live in UK.


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